Apache Cemetery

An index transcription of Apache Cemetery at Apache, Cochise County, Arizona

Charles Ackerson1910-1928
Robert Thetus Ball1883-1918
Della Bex1878-1951
Henry Bexunknown
Jessie W Bex1879-1917
Elizabeth Susana Allen Buckelew1864-1931
Tommy Howard Chambers1933-1933
Rivers Sumrell Chrust1899-1989
Rodney Darterunknown
Lucianda C Hutchinson Dwigans1841-1910
Robert Sylvester Dwigansunknown
Alfred Eatonunknown
Mary Margaret Eaton1881-1968
Melvin Eaton1914-????
Ray White Edington1900-1974
Ray White Edington Jr1950-1973
Mary A Roach Gaston1840-1919
Alabama Territory Shotwell Hanes1831-????
Eva Irene Mouser Hughesunknown
Harry Hill Hunter1914
Maud S Hunter1887-1915
Kenneth Keel1913-1968
Sarah Kendrick1853-1933
Clara Sumrell Kistler1886-1977
Ethel C Glass Latta1911-1983
Joseph Alexander Latta1904-1974
Tex Marlerunknown
Tom Martinunknown
Baby Boy Miller1918
Charles A Miller1841-1910
Edward J Millerunknown
Rosalie Cooper Miller1844-1931
Samuel T Miller1871-1935
Theodore Floyd Miller Jr1912-1920
Mary Kendrick Morgan1887-1969
E C Myers1879-1918
Annie Lou Long Jones Noland1898-1922
Charles Graham Noland1892-1929
Gilford Frank Noland1921-1922
John LaVern Noland1923-1939
Martin Van Buren Noland Jr1890-1923
Mary E Weber Noland1899-1989
Adele Porter Miller Pattison1887-1921
Georgia Pattison1916-1916
Martin Van Peace1918-1923
Sam Peace1923-1940
Fred Pennington1926
Jane Burnett Hughes Weber Phaiferunknown
Gertrude Precht1877-1926
Herman Precht1884-1917
Alta Hanes Roberds1897-1923
Bertha Bailey Roberds1891-1979
Birt Miller Roberds1893-1989
Emily Jane Rowland Roberds1862-1940
Tobias Benjamin Roberds1857-1941
Irwin Taylorunknown
Charlie Ervin Washburn1912-1973
Henry Carl Washburn1876-1950
Kate Ann Noland Washburn1883-1972
Wanda Lee Miller Peace Washburn1929-1993
Annie Laura Burnett Weber1875-1927
Eddie Weber1897-1927
Johnny Weber1876-1961
Jane Miller Burns Wheeler1872-1964
Joseph Wheeler1850-1927
Brown Wright1913/1914
Edgar Lee "Cap" Wright1873-1928
Baby Thomas Wright1918
Baby Harvey Wright1920
Velma Edington Yelverton1898-1986

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