Arizona Military History

General Crook assumed command of the Department in June 1870, and immediately took the field in person. He had a long experience in fighting and managing Indians on the frontier, and had invariably crowned his efforts with success. It was for this reason the President of the United States, agreeable to the wishes of every friend of the Territory, placed him in command. He was brave and energetic against those who want war, and just and humane towards those who want peace. In this way he commanded the love and confidence of the latter, and soon convinced the former that it is useless to continue the contest. He had the entire confidence of the people of Arizona, and if supported, and allowed to mature and execute his plans, a permanent peace will soon be given to this long afflicted country. GENERAL CROOK’S STAFF. Aid-de-Camp, Captain A. H. Nickerson Chief Quartermaster, Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Tompkins Medical Director, E. J. Bailey District Quartermaster, Northern District, Captain C. W. Foster District Quartermaster, Southern District, Captain J. G. C. Lee.

Arizona Military Posts in 1871

Mohave, on the Colorado River, three hundred miles above Arizona City, Captain Richard H. Pond commanding. Camp Hualpai, forty miles west of Prescott, Captain Frederick Van Vliet commanding. Camp Verde, fifty miles east of Prescott, Lieutenant Colonel C. Grover commanding. Camp Date Creek, sixty miles southwest of Prescott, Captain Richard F. O’Beirne commanding. Camp Whipple, at Prescott, __________ commanding. Camp Apache, two hundred miles northeast of Tucson, Major John Green commanding. Camp Bowie, one hundred miles east of Tucson, on the overland road, Major A. W. Evans commanding. Camp Critenden, sixty miles south of Tucson, Captain E. Miles commanding. Camp Lowell, at Tucson, Major H. R. Mizner commanding. Camp Grant, fifty miles north of Tucson, Captain Frank Stanwood commanding. Camp McDowell, fifty miles north of Florence, Major N. A. M. Dudley commanding.
For further Arizona military records we suggest you visit Access Genealogy’s military section. Recently updated, this remains the most complete listing of military records.

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