Arizona Genealogical and Historical Societies

Arizona Historical and Genealogical Societies

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  1. I had relatives who spent a short time in Poland – Yavapai County (per 1910 US census). They were there or in Walker County from 1908 to maybe 1912. Where do you recommend I search for information about their time in AZ?

  2. I’m so happy this site exists and thank you!

    Pima county also has a wonderful genealogical society. Hopefully they can be added as well.
    Thank you

  3. Andi Milam Reynolds

    I wish to reconnect to my third cousin on the Milam line from Alabama, Robert Morehouse(?) III. We corresponded about my great uncle, Cal Milam, a noted horse breeder and trainer from Lexington, Kentucky. I believe Robert told me he had traced our ancestors to the Palsey/Pasley(?) line from 1607 at Jamestown, Virginia.

    If any of this sounds familiar to anyone, I’d appreciate reconnecting with Robert for the sake of my 92-year old father who has suddenly decided to be interested in his family background.

    I was under the impression that Robert was a leader/very involved with the Arizona genealogical society. Three computers later, I’ve lost his connection information. If I have that or his name wrong, please blame my aging brain (I’ve seen the MRIs — they aren’t pretty).

    Thank you, one and all. Andi Milam Reynolds,

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