Delegate in Congress, R. C. McCormick.

Governor, A. P. K. Safford.

Territorial Secretary, Coles Bashford.

Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Herman Bendell.

Chief Justice, John Titus.

Associate Justices, Isham Reavis, C. A. Tweed.

United States Attorney, C. W. C. Rowell.

United States Marshal, I. Q. Dickason.

United States Surveyor-General, John Wasson.

Register of the Land Office Eastman. Receiver, George Lount.

United States Collector of Internal Revenue, Thomas Cordis.

United States Assessor, H. A. Biglow.

United States Special Mail Agent, I. N. Dawley.

United States Depository, C. H. Lord.

United States Deputy Collector of Customs, James E. Baker, at Tucson.